This blog was created to encourage me to write more. There isn’t a unifying theme to the blog, it’s just random odds and ends. There are a couple of things I wrote a long time ago and I’ve just started adding stuff I’ve written recently, however I am horribly out of practice so it’s pretty dire. The blog consists of some (very) short stories and a few writing exercises where I’m experimenting, trying to evoke a certain mood or explore a character for example.

Constructive criticism is welcomed, by constructive I mean, if you think it’s lousy, please tell me why. What makes it so bad? The whole idea? Phrasing? The character? How could I improve it? Likewise, if you enjoy something, please tell me what and why you liked it. I know the stuff here isn’t great, my grammar and punctuation are lousy but if anyone actually reads this I hope you find something you enjoy.


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